Welcome to the computer engineering Online (TIO)!

TIO is a joint project of North German universities who develop an online learning program “Computer Engineering” for students that combine work and education.

The features of this project underlie on the interactive online learning materials that will be offered by a computer engineering higher education. This makes it that learning need not necessarily rely on exclusive the schedule of a higher education and the lectures, but it supports more importantly that students can freely adjust their own learning timeline. Need to participate in presence sessions at the university will therefore be only for the practical exercises and essential meetings with lecturers.

With this, the project considers the radical changing processes in the information society in both the exogenous prerequisites concerning media, places and times and the endogenous conditions like learning speed, motivation and assessment. While learning computer engineering online, students determine these parameters largely themselves. Therefore, this project creates both the organizational structure and the learning materials, for online learning, particularly for those who are looking for part-time learning or those who combine working and formal academic learning at a university. In tandem of this, the fulfillment of the legal requirements comprise to Bologna Agreement and the Lisbon Strategy.